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Woot, thanks to a surprise extra day off from school due to some Christian holiday about rabbits and rebirth, and me getting over writer’s block, a new China comic!

Jono had some difficulty with this comic, so I changed a few words. Hopefully it’s not too confusing? I think movies are expensive b/c it’s a western import luxury, like cell phones, tvs, and cars.

Pictured in here: An-an, a friend in Shanghai, and Yucheng, a friend in Beijing. And by later I actually mean a year later, on a separate trip, but whatevs. I’m so used to movies being the cheap alternative to going out for plays and stuff. The next few comics will talk more about these price differences.

A few of my markers went dry, so the shading is a bit off.

Finally, 生煎包 are like the soupy dumpling (小笼包)’s awesome cousin — it has the same juiciness, but also a chewy, fried exterior. Mmmm!

We went to 小杨生煎 which can be seen in action here:

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  1. idothattopeople

    OMG I want twenty of those fried soupy dumpling things. Like right now. They look amazing!

  2. admin

    ME TOO. What’s funny is that whenever I go back to Shanghai, they’re like, “you should have some soupy dumplings, they’re the Shanghai specialty”. But they require going to a special place and waiting in line. Whereas I can get the fried kind downstairs on the street…. :D ….

  3. kitsuchan

    Ohh, I miss 生煎包. And super-cheap DVDs.

  4. dakeeni

    Another kind of dumpling that is two kinds of thing??
    Dumpling + soup = DELICIOUS
    Dumpling + fried = ALSO DELICIOUS
    Yes, please!

  5. admin

    actually, these are dumpling+soup+fried

  6. idothattopeople

    I know, it sounds too good to be true… Like it’s an evil conspiracy…

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