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I have always been enticed by the storytelling aspect of comics, and I am slowly working to improve my art and story-telling abilities. Currently, I'm working on my next narrative comic idea as time allows.

While my previous attempt at collaborating with a writer didn't quite work out, I am still open to the possibility of short writer/artist or artist/artist collaborations.

The Rutabaga Project

Some slice-of-life comics about me and baby Rutabaga. Occasionally starring Hoosband. Updated sporadically.

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SBay Anthology Comics

I started a comics-drawing club in 2014! Southbay Comickers meet in Mountain View on Thursday nights to draw, and for the last two years, we've made anthologies. These comics are better read in anthology form: in the HOLLOW anthology, each comic features the same creepy figurine. In the BOOM anthology, each comic features an explosion.

2015 HOLLOW anthology ($8): Starboard -- featuring Chinese pirates arguing
2016 BOOM anthology ($8): Way Out -- short comic featuring Asian ladies

Tisquantum: Wrath of the Gods (Feb 2013-Jan 2016)

This is a comic retelling of the true story of Squanto. While most would know him as the Indian who helped the Pilgrims, his real story involves kidnapping, foreign lands, a lost home, and lots of fun betrayal and politicking.

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China Comics (Nov 2008-Dec 2010)

The goal was to have anecdotal yet informative comics about China that is limited to 1 page. Covers a wide range of topics, from milk to shopping to discussions of race.

Although there is a lot more to talk about, I decided to stop after 24. I've recently cleaned up a lot of the artwork and printed it into a book.

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. (Book vs. online comparison)

Sixteen - a martial arts short story (Nov 2011-Feb 2012)

This is a comic that I did that is loosely based on a short story that I read back in 2007 called 春风柳上原 by 江南. I've done some heavy adaptation. As my first longer narrative comic, I experimented a lot with panel techniques.

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Travel comics (2006-Now)

Small snapshots of daily life, often with humor and caricatures (chibi form). Strangely enough, the only comics of mine that has a consistent style and pacing.

  • Brazil Trip [April 2011]
  • Russia Trip plus 1 about Tokyo[July 2010]
  • Japan Trip [March 2006]
  • Carnation Grows Up (2004-2006)

    I started this collaboration project with a writer friend in the summer of 2004, and worked on it sporadically for about a year. By summer of 2005, I had finished the prologue chapter (24 pages of single-panel).
    We submitted to Girl-a-Matic, where it then ran from October 1, 2006 to the end of March, 2007. By then I was suffering burnout for various reasons, and stopped after I finished Chapter 1 (25 pages of multiple-panel).
    The Girl-a-matic archives have been lost during a re-structuring, so this is its new resting place.

    Martial Arts comics

    I've always loved martial arts stories. And so, the desire to draw them. The most recent attempt has been Sixteen, a comic based off a martial arts short story. It often always involves a cross-dressed girl and a non-cross-dressed girl. And swords. And eating noodles. These are all very terrible comics, so they are here primarily for archival purposes.

  • Sixteen [Nov 2011-Feb 2012]
  • 12-hour comic [April 2005] (all mere sketches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12)
  • 5 pages of a martial arts comic [July 2003] (1 2 3 4 5)
  • Old / Miscellaneous comics

    Not only are these old, they are also miscellaneous! Oh, the horrors.

  • Brambles, a retelling of Rapunzel [11 pages, Summer 2012]
  • Emergency Pants [March 2007]
  • Bromance of the 3 Kingdoms, inspired by the inestimable Kate Beaton
  • Urbana: character sketches + 1 page [Dec 2003-Mar 2004]
  • 3 pages (1 2 3) involving specialized powers by evolution (no mutants here) [Nov 2003]
  • Two strips on random topics from 2002
  • Mao comic-- fan comic for "Strings of Fate" involving Mao poetry [Jan 2001]