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June 28, 2007

From behind the firewall…

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Today, I went to the Shanghai Anime and Games Expo! It was totally in this old Russian building. Lots of game-play was going on, as well as odd industry displays from the different provinces of China. The Japanese guest of honor is the guy who did “They were 11″, and they had a cool display of another thing that he did … Artei or something. Chinese animation is still confused and lacking their own style, but I did get to buy some cute little things. As well as Very Cheap Anime. (All of HachiKuro 1+2, on one DVD!! Also: the Chinese Chef series!!) And a few capsule toys. (I managed to get the one Eva pilot that no one knows. No, I’m not talking about Kaworu.) It’s much easier shelling out money when it costs less. :D The small Chinese fan booths (doujin booths in the true sense of the term) were very cute. But anyway, yay Swag!!

It’s also raining right now, which means it’s finally cooled down a bit.

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