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July 12, 2007

At the end of the conference

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The program was glorious. I had lots of fun, even with being generally anti-social. I think I made some good friends, perhaps more than expected. Anyways, I’ve also seemed to have claimed a sister. We will go to Qingdao together. It shall be fun. I’ve also found a China travel buddy for future travels. :D . There was a lot of drinking and revelry, but also a lot of serious discussion of differences and similarities between us. All in all, a good time. I wish that there were a few more days to the program, though. It was 8 full days and two wibbly bits at the beginning and the end. 到最后大家都有些依依不舍。Alas. What’s good is that I know if I come back in the future, there are friends here, and not just relatives. <3

Here's the speech that I made about Chinese culture.

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