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July 5, 2009

Honeymoon Japan Day 0

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Japan: Day 0

So we got into Narita at 3pm, and then came the comedy of errors
- Got into wrong line for customs
- Didn’t have major piece of information to pick up JR East Pass
- Didn’t have time to find international ATM, and so had to use scanty wallet cash to scrounge up 5000 yen
- Hadn’t written down which train station the ryoukan is located
- Turns out best train line to get to ryoukan is actually not on the subway map?!!
- Spent 1 hour wandering the same 4 blocks trying to find ryoukan (no one, not even the local cop-on-bike could locate 3目丁 4)

Of course, there was also the fun things –
- A beautiful train ride into Tokyo. I kept saying things like “wow, that’s just like the houses in Doraemon” or “That school looks just like in anime, except it’s not asploded.” It’s pretty cool to see things l’m very familiar with in 2-d linear art suddenly take 3d shape
- JR East pass is like a magical transportation ticket. <3
- The cop kept a district map in his hat!!
- Random very helpful Japanese people
- Jono being all competantly Japanesey. And breaking out al the -nararebanai type things
- Walking by a totally awesome domed church (Orthodox, I think?)
- The ryoukan is very cute! It has a bidet/spray toilet. :D I tried sleeping in the closet like Doraemon does. They had yummy tea treats out for us.
- Got dinner at this cheap diner/counter beef don place where you buy a meal ticket from a vending machine, and then hand it to the cook who serves it up to you. So practical! Plus it was like 500 yen for each of us.

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