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July 7, 2009

Japan Day 2

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So today we woke up at 6am instead of 5am. Yay! After putzing around, we had an awesome buffet breakfast. There was a plate of thin white strip stuff that I got thinking it was cold noodles. Turned out it was squid. Oops?

Anyways, after breakfast, Jono pushed me around a rose garden nearby. There was a Kenji Miyazawa statue, and they’re very proud of this garden sundial designed by him. They claimed to have 450 different types of roses, including local varieties such as “Hot Hanamaki” and “Hanamaki Bijin 80″. They played a music-box version of Lion King in the background.

Then we went to the post office so that Jono could mail a postcard to his sister (he promised 9 postcards).

We went to the top of the onsen hotel (the 12th floor, which is reaaaally high, considering that most Japanese buildings around here aren’t >3 floors due to earthquake-ness), and had mediocre lunch to an awesome view of the valley.

After lunch, we went to the small hanamaki onsen hospital which was 1 kilometer away down and up a hilly road. Jono was very brave and pushed me up the steep hill for 15 minutes all the way to the hospital. The doctor was out for lunch, so we had to wait until he got back, but once he was back, we got an x-ray, and he told me that I have a torn ligament, but no fractures. He gave me a half-cast and anti-inflammatory medicine and cold packs. They couldn’t give me crutches or wheelchair because I’m leaving the area in 2 days. We were really worried about the price of the whole thing, especially since we didn’t have insurance… Turned out it was 15600, (around $160, less than what we’re paying per night for the hotel), which is wholly reasonable for x-ray, cast, and the doctor/nurse face time. Yay functional medical system!

One other thing I really liked about the hospital are these colored lines on the ground that you can follow to the various departments. So instead of consulting maps or whatever, we just had to follow the yellow line to the x-ray area, the red line to the 外来 patient area, etc.

So now we’re back at the hotel, and Jono is headed to the rotenburo 露天風呂 for some soaking. The doctor said I should stay off that foot for 2-3 weeks, so we’re not sure what to do next. Having crutches would be nice…

On the other hand, last time this happened, I just hobbled around and it eventually got better, and at least I don’t have a fracture, so I’m somewhat tempted to just hobble around…. Jono, on the other hand, is wondering if we should scrap the whole Japan/China thing and just go back to the States. My parents, on the third hand, is still in the plane to China, scheduled to land in 5 hours…

We shall see what comes of it!

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