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July 16, 2009

Ningbo Countryside

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Back from 2 days in the Ningbo countryside. Ningbo has mountains on one side and the ocean on the other (with a very shallow continental shelf that allows for very shallow-water fishing during high tide). We had lunch with relatives, and then Jono got to pick peanuts and corn and watermelon, while I hobbled nearby. Jono also discovered a dead wild boar off the road. After another scrumptious dinner, we escaped the heat and drove back to the nearest civilization — a seaside resort. This morning, Jono swam in the Pacific and I waded in a bit. Then after a lunch, we headed back. The drive was 5 hours each way, so we had a lot of time in the car and at various downtimes to do Chinese practice. Jono went from lesson 4 to lesson 9 of the Chinese year 1 book!

We also had 10 different types of fish over the course of 3 meals. Plus some very yummy crab, 2 types of snails, and 3 kinds of shrimp. Everything at the meals was super-fresh from the fields or from the ocean. We ate the peanuts and watermelon that Jono picked.

Took lots of pictures of rural-ness. Noted with sadness that most of the Communist slogans have been replaced with billboards advertising local services and products.

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