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June 30, 2011


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I seem to have lost 2 posts about Rome by trying to use the iPad. Alas!

Well, the posts talk about getting unpleasantly lost in Rome, and also yesterday which was quite perfect… Due to jet lag, I got up early enough to experience the campidoglio and it’s museums without too many tourists. Then I walked to the pantheon and the Jesuit church while eating some yummy gelato. The gelato in Italy is so amazing, they were having a service in the major church, which made it even better. The Jewish museum wasn’t open, so I had some mediocre food nearby. Then I walked down the cirrus massimo or whatever, which has now devolved into something resembling the Midway inChicago. Eventually ended back by San Clemente church, and unlike the day before, the archeological digs were open, so I got to see some eerily familiar Christian motifs in a subterranean fourth century basilica, and then I went down another level to the first century roman building that looked like a bunch of unfurnished apartments. They had a running spring water system, and a Mithraic chamber. It was kinda cool to be walking on floors from 2000 years ago. Sure, the colosseum was that, too, but I was a bit turned off by the bloodlust in the colosseum… Whereas places of worship and tombs are more familiar.

Anyway, I got back to the hostel, updated the lj post that was eaten, and then got on the train for Zagreb. I realized that I actually would be stopping in Venice for a bit less than two hours, so I went and walked around Venice for an hour… I got thoroughly lost, until I realized that a road on a map might be a hole in the wall. But the part I saw of Venice was amazing. Suzhou doesn’t have anything on this…yet. Venice has this nice smal town feel despite the tourists. And it is labrythine yet easily accessible and understandable to tourists.

After the Venice stop, I got on the train to Budapest that stops in Zagreb. The train was to get into Zagreb at 4:20am, so I was trying to sleep, but too nervous. Just when I was falling asleep, though, we entered the Croatian border and the customs boarded the train to check passports, etc. A poor family got escorted off the train becauae they only had a schengen visa. So I get to the hostel at 5am, and it doesn’t open until 7am. But I got to hang out and watch the old woman open the bar downstairs. There was a cute cat walking the roof, and I got to read up about Zagreb and Croatia, there weren’t any beds free, so I took a short nap on the couch and went to the open air market nearby and bought lots of yummy fruit. Then my bed opened and in slept until 2 pm. Then I walked around upper town and checked out the cathedrals. I went to the city museum, which was quite thorough insocumenting thehiatory of the gradec part of Zagreb. Zadec was actually two medieval towns each occupying a hilltop and hating each other. It took me only 10 minutes to walk from the cathedral of one to the other, so it’s a bit crazy to see all this rivalry. The croatian nationalism in the museum was also pretty interesting… It’s more blatant than I’m used to, but I guess the other places that I’ve been have each had their moment In the sun as some sort of world power, whereas Croatia… Not as much. How do you define Croatian when youre sometimes venician sometimes Hungarian, sometimes Austrian, and sometimes Yugoslavian?

June 24, 2011

Summer Trip 2011

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Man, planning for my summer trip has kicked into high gear.

Here is the rough itinerary:

6/27: Plane to Rome
6/28: Arrive in Rome
6/29: Train to Zagreb
6/30: Arrive in Zagreb, meet up with Joanne
7/4: Plane to Istanbul, meet up with Jono
7/8: Ferry/bus to Canakkale
7/9: Gallipoli and Troy
7/10: Go down the Aegean coast, stay at Bergama
7/11: check out, Ascelpius, and then head to Izmir. Jono flies back to Istanbul, we take overnight bus to Antalya
7/12: Antalya
7/13: Antalya, bus to Alanya
7/14: Alanya, bus to Konya
7/15: Konya, plane to Istanbul
7/16: morning flight to Milan
7/17: train to Verona
7/18: train to Siena
7/19: train to Rome
7/21: plane back home

It’s… a lot of travelling. Unlike previous years, I won’t be in one place for long. Instead, it’s lots of places strung together by about 2-3 hrs of travel each time. Hope I survive!

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