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April 10, 2012


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So we got to Chiclayo last night. Chiclayo is a very different city from Trujillo. Whereas trujillo’s city Center is an old fashioned colonial plaza filled with churches and convents all within easy walking distance, Chiclayo has clearly moved on from its colonial past. Here we see many more tall buildings, apartment complexes, and the traffic is absolutely atrocious. Trujillo is spread out across a large expanse of desert, while chiclayo, though it has less people, form a denser urban population.

Today we did a tour of the tombs of the Lord of Sipan and some Lambayeque pyramids. Unfortunately, my stomach disagreed with me early in the trip, so while I persevered through two very excellent museums, I wasn’t able to go to the sites themselves. But the museums were truly excellent, and I got to see a lot of Moche bling: giant gold and tourquoise earrings, giant flappy crowns and nose guards… when in full ceremonial regalia the lord of sipan would have about 5 pounds of stuff just on his head alone, not to mention the special armorial and jingly necklaces. The lords of sipan were all buried with their 15 year old wives and at least one attending llama. That’s pretty harsh for the lady folk. Not sure if I like the Moche anymore.

El Senor de Sipan:

The guide was cool. He had to say everything twice because it was a Spanish and English mixed tour, but he did a really good job. He was also very knowledgeable about sugar and rice farming, and very cynical about the government. He said that Peru has a fine if you don’t vote, but since everyone votes, the candidate field is very poor. Ummm…. not sure what I think of that.

Chiclayo rice fields:

Voting signage:

The “X” actually means a check mark, so it means “vote for us!”

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