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March 22, 2012


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As a teacher, I have been able to travel a lot in the summers. This journal is an account of my travels. The earliest entries are from college days. I have also drawn some comics and taken some photos from my travels. Those can be found under Photos and Comics.

Here are some places that I’ve traveled to:

Summer, 2011:
1 week in Italy
3 days in Croatia
10 days in Turkey

Spring, 2011:
1 week in Salvador, Brazil

July-August, 2010:
1 week in Russia
1 week on the Trans-Siberian railroad
1 week in Shanghai for the World Expo 2010
3 weeks in Japan (Tokyo, Nagasaki, Akita, Aomori, Sendai)

July, 2009: Honeymoon in Japan and China
1 week in Iwate prefecture
1 week in Shanghai
2 weeks in Beijing

August, 2008: Beijing Olympics volunteer

July, 2008: US Roadtrip
LA, Grand Canyon, Fort Worth, San Antonio, New Orleans, Savannah, Nashville, Chicago, Mount Rushmore, Seattle, Sacramento

July, 2007: Shanghai youth conference

March, 2006: 1 week in Japan: Kyoto, Osaka, Fukui

December, 2004: 2 weeks in Britain
London, Bath, Salisbury, Manchester, Sheffield, Dover

June, 2004:
1 week in Paris
3 days in Copenhagen
1 day in Frankfurt

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