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July 25, 2011

Top 5 Experiences of Summer Trip 2011

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5) Swimming in the Aegean on Cres Island as the sun set on the waters.

4) Lounging in the luxury of the soft Ottoman couches on the first night in Istanbul, having my first lamb and eggplant experience, and then exploring the Great Palace underneath the restaurant and coming out of another restaurant that happened to be right across from our hotel.

3) Morning exploration of Rome, hitting all the sights at the right time, discovering hidden short cuts, stumbling on random pieces of the Roman Forum, and eating gelato.

2) Eating a lovely dinner of lamb and eggplant with Joanne at the Ottoman House Restaurant in Alanya, listening to "Wish You Were Here" sung by a sweet girl on a guitar and chatting with the friendly waiter after a nice amble down a mountain castle with great views. This was followed by a nice walk on the beach in the moonlight.

1) Walking down the Acropolis in Bergama with Jono, exiting from a hole in the fence and walking through the twisty medieval streets of old Bergama and miraculously finding Joanne a block away by the Red Basilica.

July 3, 2011

Back towards Zagreb

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Well, my hiking attempt this morning was somewhat hindered by weeds and what looker like poison oak in the path. Since I was in shorts and flip flops, the situation was not ideal. But I did come across some olive groves, a donkey, and a sheep path, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Now I am on a bus back to Zagreb, and tonight I will be meeting Joanne for dinner, ending the first solo leg of the trip. Despite my initial trepidation, I’ve really enjoyed travelling alone an keeping my own schedule. There was less wiffling because there was only one indecisive person (me) instead of many. It does mean that I turn more to the internet during the down times of bus rides and meals, though. On the whole, I’m looking forward to meeting up with Joanne and then Jono, but I am also looking forward to my second solo stint in Italy.

July 2, 2011


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So it turned out all right. There were not any people holding rooms for let signs, but I asked the Tourist info office who directed me toa travel agency who booked me a room behind a restaurant for 45 euro, which was roughly what zi was expecting to pay.

So this is really intended to be a relaxing resort style island experience… lots of restaurants and boutiques, and you can sped your day swimming or hiking or exploring small villages, etc. I’m on the island a total of 14 hours, and that includes the sleep part. So I had to keep telling myself to relax…otherwise I would not get any enjoyment out of it. So I had a fancy dinner, and thenwalked along the seaside until there weren’t so many people around. Then I went for a swim just as the sun was setting over the Adriatic, and then walked back and ate some gelato. People keep staring at me, but that may be bexause I am the only asian I’ve seen all week. So any Germans, Croats, Italians, etc. They must be like, what’s up with this lone squat Asian chick? Maybe that’s what it’s like to be gaijin.

Anyway, if I wake up early enough omorrow morning, I’ go for a hike through the hills before heading back on the 8:30 ferry. It’s so weird, but the only means of getng on the island all happen at night, and leaving the island is only possible in the morning.

In Rijeka

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Just went to the weirdest castle ever….

Each of the three towers were in a different style, reflecting the three major (re)building efforts… 1200s, 1500s against the Ottomans, and finally, the late 1800s by an enterprising Austrian field marshall. He decided to put a greek temple mausoleum in the castle.


On the other hand, because the locals don’t really consider it a major site (far eclipsed by the nearby church that is on some holy pilgrimage location), visits are free, and no one was around to yel at me for some scampering about the old castle ruins. (They were mostly drinking coffee in the outdoor cafe inthe castle courtyard)

Next up is the most uncertain part of this mini excursion… I am catching a ferry to the islan of Cres, but it’s one hotel is completely booked. The hostel peole back at Zagreb (Bella and Sandra) says there will be people holding signs advertising private rooms on the pier. Let’s hope I get relatively unsketchy accomodations!

June 24, 2011

Summer Trip 2011

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Man, planning for my summer trip has kicked into high gear.

Here is the rough itinerary:

6/27: Plane to Rome
6/28: Arrive in Rome
6/29: Train to Zagreb
6/30: Arrive in Zagreb, meet up with Joanne
7/4: Plane to Istanbul, meet up with Jono
7/8: Ferry/bus to Canakkale
7/9: Gallipoli and Troy
7/10: Go down the Aegean coast, stay at Bergama
7/11: check out, Ascelpius, and then head to Izmir. Jono flies back to Istanbul, we take overnight bus to Antalya
7/12: Antalya
7/13: Antalya, bus to Alanya
7/14: Alanya, bus to Konya
7/15: Konya, plane to Istanbul
7/16: morning flight to Milan
7/17: train to Verona
7/18: train to Siena
7/19: train to Rome
7/21: plane back home

It’s… a lot of travelling. Unlike previous years, I won’t be in one place for long. Instead, it’s lots of places strung together by about 2-3 hrs of travel each time. Hope I survive!

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