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Miscellaneous: websites

I love the combination of artistic design and technology that is website design. As such, I have never felt comfortable with website editors, and prefer to just type in html. Nor do I draw out a graphic design in Photoshop and then slice it into a webpage. I firmly belive that websites should be easy to navigate and read at any window size, which means that they are all resizable. (This has become more of a problem as people get bigger monitors, but the optimum number of characters per liner remains 80). I have not caught up with the newest technologies and scripts of the past 2-3 years, but html still seems to be the foundation. :)

Living Sites

Active websites on the internet that I'm responsible for (for better or worse):

Chinese Curriculum Website: A recent design for a new curriculum website (2012).

Liping Ma: A simple, skeletal thing I threw together for family. (2012)

Emeryville Taiko: I've taken over maintanence of my taiko group's website. Although the core design is inherited, I've done what I can to make it less clunky.

Chinese School Website: A website I designed back in 2004 (?) that is still active today

Dead Sites

Of the many websites that I have created, a few are worth salvaging/archiving. They are rather dated, and are perhaps best viewed in 1024x768 form.

Tidepools: A previous incarnation (#5) of this website that never launched, because after I designed it realized that I had no content to put on the site, so it is a mere facade. You don't even get to see the "exciting" part, which is that all of the header menu is generated by php. It here as a record of my foray into php scripting back in 2003. Hilarious.

ZodiacNotes: A fan site for an old friend's comic. This is actually navigable and has content. Alas, it shows its age both by my writing and by the design that did not anticipate screens wider than 800px. From 2002.

TengWangGe: I translated this whole page during high school, but I think the borrowed javascript code no longer works. Alas. From 2000