Okay, here it is! The first page of "TenWangGeXu"! The actual text was written in the Tang Dynasty (just off the top of my head, some time 600's - 900's A.D), but this was taken from a book called "Gu Wen Guan Zhi", All the Ancient Essays You'll Ever Need, a compilation of the best works from Zhou Dynasty (1100's BC) to Ming Dynasty(1600's AD), collected and "edited" in the early Qing Dynasty (The 34th year of KangXi...late 1600's or early 1700's... I'll have to check)

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  • The big characters are the actual text of the "essay", while the small characters are like footnotes or little explanations... except that they come after whatever needs clarification.... no searching desperately at the bottom of the page! No more lousy "see appendix A"! If you don't get it, just squint! ^_^
  • Roll over the big characters to see my little definitions... er... more like rants....
  • I suggest that you read the "title" part of each blue pop-up first, and save the details and explanations until you get a sense of the page or whatnot.
This page is updated daily, minimum of 4 phrases, at around 12 am Pacific time, so I'll get to annoy you some more! Yay! The extent of the translations is marked by a ******** line.

Sushu's rants to ... er...herself... ^^;;

New!: I added a FAQs page. Doesn't have much on it right now, but no page is complete without a FAQ section, right?

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