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Last Updated: 4-11-2003 -- updated page jump. Sorry about the delay. Didn't catch Jen/Tochi's update during spring break.
See updates page for a general note about future updates....

Hi, this is a page devoted to oogling over Tochi's wonderful webcomic, Strings of Fate. If you haven't read it, go read it now!

In Character Guide, you shall find a quick chart of the characters and their corresponding animals. There are also individual character stats and analysis, if you can stand the spoilers. ^_^v
Tochi makes many allusions to Chinese culture, so in the Enrichment section, I will be exploring all the related info I dig up.
Ever want to find a specific comic page, but can't remember the number or the chapter? Page Jump links to all the splash pages with small thumbnails and short summaries, so you can finally find that Kuang Hu picture to drool over!
Or perhaps what you're looking for isn't here. That's all right, one of the Links will probably have it, be it fanfics, fanart, discussion, or Winamp skins.... And if you're already an Strings of Fate fan, you can join the Mailing List!

Last but definitely not least, if you have any constructive input or helpful comments on how to better this site, feel free to Contact me via email.


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