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Art: comics: Carnation Grows Up

Story about two girls lost in Paris. A cat-and-mouse affair. Some magic involved. Wangst likely.

Pictures and panel layout by me. Words and chapter layout by Isaac Hoffer

Prologue - in which we find ourselves in Paris
Chapter 1 - in which we spend a day with our protagonists
24 images/page, so be patient while loading.

Interested in continuing the story? Email Isaac (ajhoffer at gmail).

GAM Specials: Halloween exchange, Christmas, April Fools
Weekly amusement: I gave Isaac a bunch of heads and bodies. He put them together and added words.

Why I stopped:
  • Scheduling. Seriously, it was my final year at college, and I had a lot on my plate in terms of leadership roles in various clubs, applying to grad school, writing my BA, etc. CGU was like the dead albatross dangling on Sunday, in terms of time committment, etc.
  • Pacing. The pacing of the story did not match with my level of investment/interest in it. Being my first serious comic, each page took a lot of my energy, and at the end of two years of dedicated work, I was discouraged by the fact that nothing had happened in the story. Also, the prologue + Chapter 1 was about 3 pages in the script. Chapter 2 was 19 pages. There were 5 chapters. At the rate of 1 pg/wk, it probably would have taken 5 years to finish Chapter 2. I wimped out.
  • Communication. The author was on the other side of the continent. Dissatisfaction, frustration, and suggestions were not communicated properly and promptly on both our parts.
  • Lack of incentives. GAM, at the time, was subscriber-only, and yet didn't see a penny of that money. Also, since it wasn't my story and the more I worked on it the more it felt like someone else's story, I didn't feel incentive to tell it.